What do you do?

> play a game (1)

You sit down at your desk, wake your laptop up, and submit a move to smalladventure. So fun!

> Work on project (1)

This is so important, but it's hard to do on your own. As you think about doing it, small muscles contract at the edges of your face and scalp, and won't loosen. It's distracting. You turn on music to help yourself out.

You take the pieces apart with plans to rebuild them with the cracks sealed. It's hard to control how fast you are moving, and you accidentally rip and crumple some of the foil. You suddenly remember your conductive tape arrived in the mail, and you begin securing loose foil with it.

The roll runs out sooner than you planned, but you've gotten almost an entire section sealed up. You order some more tape. There's still much more you can do on this project before new tape arrives.

> go outside (1)

You don your coat, leave your room, walk down the hallway, and leave the building to the North.

At the front lawn you sit under a tree on some snow, facing West. It's night time.

A road extends East and West. The building you left is to the South, with its dark front porch. A few of the other houses along the road have lights on outside, but most seem dark. A car rolls by, and then turns the corner at the West end of the road, some distance in front of you.

What do you do?