What do you do?

> look through "personal history" section of maroon binder 1

You began recording information around three years ago, amidst paranoia and delusion. It was after you became a suspect of a possible murder, and attended some environmental and social activism events. You were sharing your studio apartment with whoever seemed to need a place to stay.

Your binder, however, only contains a section of assorted documents titled "Oregon 2014", a section from 2015 of valentines and personal notes, and a couple assorted papers related to old personal projects.

You've barely started organizing your papers into your binders. Most of the information on your personal history is on your computer, or in other piles of papers, disorganized.

> get help with project 1

Where will you look for help? Not many people are awake here yet, although you could ask the nighttime staff. The internet is also available, you have friends in your phone, and there are others in the city outside.

> work on project 1

You get more aluminum foil and rewrap the outsides of the segments that have ripped. You're working much better right now. There's still more to do.

What do you do?